Hedge against inflation 

Non-collateralized financing

Convenient and Flexible

Tax Benefits

​Conserve Working Capital  


Bank Credit Line remains available for other needs.

Does not require additional collateral.

Usually requires a short credit application.

You pay for your equipment with tomorrow’s potentially cheaper dollars and it is fixed rate financing.

Can possibly be avoided.

When properly written, a lease can keep debt off of the balance sheet and significantly improve the return on investment ratio.

See IRS Sec 179

Lease/Financing costs come out of before-tax dollars, not after-tax profits.

Cash isn't’ tied up in equipment.  It is free for income producing investments, including, sales, marketing, real estate, or for SPECIAL opportunity that might present itself.

Your equipment cost is 100% Financed - including shipping, freight, installation and tax!

AFFILIATED Equipment Financing, Inc.


Preserves Your Bank Lines of Credit 

Whatever the equipment is you need to "Grow your Business",

AFFILIATED may well be the best way to help you acquire it.

Improved ROI

Accelerated Deductions

Alternative Minimum Tax

“If it appreciates…  buy it. 

                                    If it depreciates…  lease !”

J. Paul Getty